Turning the Tide: Syrian Women’s Rights Organisations on the Transitional Justice Map

In this report released together with our partner Dawlaty, we map the contextual and organisational challenges Syrian women-led and feminist organisations working inside Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey face when it comes to transitional justice. The mapping assessed a total of 66 Syrian women-led grassroots organisations.

Locked Out During Lockdown: An Analysis of the UN System during COVID-19

In this report published during the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, WILPF analyses the UN’s processes and forums during COVID-19 in the areas of disarmament, human rights, and women, peace, and security. The report particularly focuses on transparency and accessibility to civil society.

COVID-19 and Gender Justice: Feminists in MENA Defying Global Structural Failure

This report highlights the risks facing women’s rights and feminist organisations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It provides multi-disciplinary stakeholders and activists with a concrete set of recommendations, with the overall aim of advancing the stability and progress of feminist organisations, movements, and agendas in MENA.

UNSCR 1325 at 20 years: Perspectives from Feminist Peace Activists and Civil Society

This report is based on a series of global interviews, consultations, and meetings with feminist peace activists — the key actors who advocated for the adoption of UNSCR 1325. It documents their assessment of the past 20 years of implementation, and what more must be done to ensure women’s meaningful participation and prevent violence.


Creative Director – Nina Maria Mørk Hansen

Authors – Adalmiina Erkkola (stories), Emily Dontsos (stories), Molly Jerlström (Section snippets), Elena Cason (Section snippets), Tove Ivergård (Section snippets)

Copyeditor – Emily Dontsos

Video transcripts – Adélaïde Barat-Magan

Design – Nadia Joubert

Development – Pierre Joubert

Thank you to Laila Alodaat & Rasha Jarhum (The Women Leading Yemen’s Peace Movement), Elena Cason, Madeleine Rees, Ray Acheson & Nela (WILPF’s COVID-19 Response: Action for Change), Zarin Hamid & Genevieve Riccoboni (Over Two Decades Later, What Have These Women’s Rights Milestones Really Achieved?), Katrin Geyer and Ray Acheson (Feminists for Nuclear Disarmament) and Maria Butler, Jenny Aulin & Elena Cason (Walking the Green Feminist Road) for their help in writing the stories of change and giving feedback on them.

Photo contributions by: Irina Popa, Nela Porobić Isaković, Ari Beser, Korea Peace Now, Charlotte Hooij, dinosmichail, Unsplash, Adobe Stock, WILPF Sections and Groups in Aotearoa, Australia, Argentina, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and Togo. Photos from WILPF Archives, WILPF International Secretariat

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