Guiding Feminist Discourse on Sexual Violence in Syria

Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, sexual violence against women has been used as a systemic weapon of war.

In 2020, WILPF connected with key stakeholders to influence discourse, analysis and work related to sexual violence and its impact on Syrian women.

WILPF was able to successfully influence, the International, Impartial Independent Mechanism (IIIM) to apply WILPF’s proposed feminist contextual and analytical approach to their work, guiding their gender analysis framework to address sexual violence.


Examining Gender and Conflict in Cameroon

In 2020, WILPF Cameroon published the results of a major research project examining gender dimensions related to the country’s conflicts.

Conducted in partnership with other civil society organisations and women activists, the analysis highlights the lived experiences of women and girls affected by conflict and advocates for spaces for women to participate in conflict prevention, mediation, and resolution.

The report was officially presented at the residence of the British High Commissioner during an event hosting local and international representatives for talks on human rights.



Pushing for Peace in the Korean Peninsula

The Korean War (1950-1953) must be resolved with a peace agreement. With a mission to educate, organise, and advocate for a peace agreement to end the Korean War, WILPF is a key partner in a global campaign called Korea Peace Now! Women Mobilizing to End the War. In 2020, Korea Peace Now! created spaces for dialogue, educated community members and governments about the need for a formal end to the Korean War, and engaged in analysis and lobbying activities in and around the United Nations.

Reshaping Narratives of War and Peace

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, which continues to struggle with the consequences of the Bosnian War, WILPF is focused on networking with women activists and feminist organisations, creating spaces for dialogue on post-war reconstruction and recovery, and shaping feminist alternatives to the current neoliberal political economy.

In 2020, WILPF made three major submissions to the United Nations on areas of key concern within Bosnia and Herzegovina, including migration, human rights and conflict, and austerity.


The Women Leading Yemen’s Peace Movement

Yemen is a nation in crisis.

Since 2014, the country has been in the grips of a devastating civil war that has left nearly a quarter of a million people dead. In 2020, under the added strains of the COVID-19 pandemic, Yemen’s healthcare system collapsed along with its resource supply chains.

In the midst of Yemen’s historic humanitarian crisis driven by years of conflict and the effects of COVID-19, a movement for peace has emerged – and it’s being led by women.